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21 Households – Smart Living (2000-2001)

In Aachen, 21 households trialed a sustainable and ecological lifestyle for six months. In the course of various exchanges, this project was adapted to the specific conditions in Cape Town.

After adapting the topics and forms of work, this practical and generally understandable approach to a sustainable lifestyle was tested and successfully implemented several times in various neighbourhoods in Cape Town. The project has received several awards in Cape Town and has been promoted and repeated many times with grants from the national and provincial governments.

The 21 Households project led to the city-wide ‘smart living’ campaign. It aims to promote the sustainable use of resources in everyday life. A ‘smart living handbook’ with tips was initially distributed to all employees of the city council and then distributed to schools and clubs. A great success – especially when you consider that the original project in Aachen was a one-off!