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Fikelela Children’s Home (2003-2006)

The idea of going public with a joint project to support AIDS orphans and at the same time to intensify contact with the Fikelela Children’s Home in Khayelitsha came about in 2003 with AIDS-Hilfe, the Aachen Women’s Emergency Hotline and the Aachen South Africa Initiative. Through Sabine Schönberg-Ehlen from Aachen, who worked there as a volunteer for six months during her sabbatical year in 2003, we gained an intensive insight into the work of the women in the Fikelela Children’s Home with children who could no longer be cared for at home due to AIDS or the death of their parents. With the help of donations, thirty HIV-infected children living there could be provided with urgently needed medication. The artist and art therapist Michaela Frank from Aachen worked with traumatised children and young people and the educational staff at the Fikelela Children’s Home from 2005 to 2006.

Following re-organisations and the resulting change in the way Fikelela Children’s Home works, there was unfortunately no further collaboration after that.