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Study Project „The Shack”

The study project is a series of teaching projects over several semesters by the Institute and Chair of Landscape Architecture (LA) at RWTH Aachen University in cooperation with Hack your Shack gGmbH in Berlin.

The cooperation between the chair and the NGO was established during a visit to Cape Town in February 2023. From the very beginning, both institutions were united by the need to establish planning and improvements for the 90% of the population for whom little or nothing is normally done. Innovations/improvements in architecture, design and technology are usually developed for the 10% richest population (Paul Polak)!

Five successive teaching projects have (so far) emerged from this necessity:

Aus dieser Notwendigkeit heraus entstanden (bisher) fünf aufeinander folgende Lehrprojekte:

  1. The Shack Inside (SS 23)
  2. The Shack Outside (WS 23/24)
  3. Co-Films Urban Disparities (WS 23/24)
  4. Mikro Food Farming (WS 23/24)
  5. Changemakers – Learning from Cape Town (SS 24)

The latter will be an exhibition that is currently in preparation and will be on display in the Reiff Foyer in the Faculty of Architecture of RWTH Aachen from the 10th to the 12th of June 2024.