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Inda Gymnasium – Luhlaza High School (2003-2006)

After numerous contacts by letter since the beginning of the partnership, five learners from Luhlaza High School visited Inda-Gymnasium for the first time in the summer of 2003 with their teacher Ms Booi for a month. The young people from Khayelitsha took part in foreign language lessons (Dutch and English) and painted the outside wall of the sports hall during a project week together with their hosts and the German artists Uta Göbel-Groß and Brele Scholz as well as the artist Thulani Shuku, who also comes from Khayelitsha. In the process, the partnership logo was created “quite incidentally”.

In 2004, Nora Grütjen visited her exchange students from the previous year in Khayelitsha at Luhlaza High during a private trip. 2006 was the second major year of the Inda-Luhlaza exchange. The exchange was also given an “official” name: LISE (Luhlaza-Inda School Exchange). In German springtime, a group of five South African lerners visited Aachen with their teachers Mrs Socikwa and Mr Nazo, and half a year later the Germans paid a return visit to Cape Town. Once again, two art projects were realised together, a flower sculpture made from motorway signposts at Inda-Gymnasium and a mural at Luhlaza High School.

Unfortunately, after the change of principals at both partner schools, no more exchanges materialised.