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Cycle Your Power (2016)

With Cycle Your Power, you can cycle the energy for your mobile phone or tablet, i.e. generate electricity by pedalling hard. This project was first tested by Immo Böhning and Yasmina Sabatini Moreau in Aachen at the RWTH and then implemented by them in Cape Town in autumn 2016. The technology comes from the Belgian company WeWatt, which has benevolently supported the project in Cape Town. Their professional benches with charging stations can be tested at the major railway stations in Paris.

The charging stations, which were funded by Engagement Global as part of the ‘Projects Abroad’ funding programme, were set up at the following locations in Cape Town:

  • two stations in the Masiphumelele Public Library
  • one station in the Philippi Village Business Centre
  • one station at the Heavens Shelter women’s refuge in Mitchells Plain
  • one station in the city centre at the Creative Nestings organisation

Unfortunately, during the course of the project it became apparent that the stations require a lot of maintenance, although it is often just a case of putting the broken bike chain back on again. For this reason, the stations only work permanently in the library, where the two caretakers take care of maintenance.