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Schule Am Lousberg – Fairview Primary School (2008 – 2013)

This partnership began in spring 2008, when the schoolyards at Schule am Lousberg in Aachen and Fairview Primary School in Grassy Park were remodelled at the same time with the help of Stadtoasen e.V. (see Bauwagen goes South). The teachers and learners exchanged their experiences and pen friendships developed. The letters were delivered personally by various visitors. In the same year, principal Aubrey de Wet was able to visit the primary school Am Lousberg. A partnership agreement was signed between the schools. Mr De Wet also helped with the bicycle collection campaign in 2008, and many of the bicycles collected for children and young people were donated to the Fairview children.

Principal Britta Slupina-Kasties visited Fairview Primary School during a private trip through South Africa in 2009. In the following years, attempts were made to maintain contact by letter between the pupils. Despite the different lengths of primary school years (Germany 4 years, South Africa 7 years), some of the pupils have remained in contact via e-mail even after changing schools.

The partnership was given new impetus in 2012 and 2013. Inspired by the climate ambassador academy organised by “plant for the planet” in Aachen, the children from the primary school Am Lousberg collected €555 for their partner school, which was used to plant trees and create a new garden for the new school building. During her project stay at Fairview in 2012/2013, Aachen volunteer Yoki Mertens was very involved in the exchange, which unfortunately slowly came to a standstill after she left.