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One of the key objectives of the Partnership is to promote opportunities for exchanges between Aachen and Cape Town to enable support for projects and organizations within the Partnership. Since the inception of Partnership there have been hundreds of people moving both north and south, including exchanges, volunteers, training, conferences and also social visits. Detailed reports are available on request.

The main sponsor for Partnership exchanges is the German Governmental Organisation Engagement Global, fortunately they restarted the ASA  programme for South Africa in 2023. it was blocked by the South African Visa restrictions since 2016 – but that has changed. We keep you informed about our current ASA project: “Comparing Urban Gardens in Aachen and Cape Town”.

The best way for South Africans to find an opportunity for a South-North-exchange is the weltwärts reverse programme. Different NGOs offer this one year exchange programme to Germany which is funded by the German government. Unfortunately our partner SAGEnet collapsed end of last year and we can not accomodate any weltwärts students in the near future.